We view photography as an opportunity to express our culture grounded in people and storytelling. Every love project is an opportunity to be creative, share ideas, and get to know our couple to ensure you feel comfortable on your special day while creating a relationship together as we plan ahead. This helps us tell your unique story in the engagement and wedding day pictures.

We focus on everything beyond the first kiss, first dance, ring exchange. We look even further to the little errands on the day,  the getting ready, soccer live matches (we’ve had those!), mom and daughter moments and more.

Love, Colour, Art

We believe in love and the beauty it unfolds. As a business started by a husband and wife team, this stands true. We believe in teamwork, not just from our end but with you as well. As lovers of art, we infuse this into our photography where applicable if it will speak volumes to the moment.

Wedding days are full of colors and romantic moments. We don’t leave this out. We display this in our photography as you can tell from our portfolio.


We work with you at every stage leading up to the wedding. Understanding your vision for your special day is key so we create wedding blog posts that provide you with the tools and tips to prepare and guide you in advance. Whether you are trying to learn how to plan for your wedding day even beyond photography or need answers to questions, we have something for you!

Our take on posing

We believe in encouraging and prompting you not posing you. It’s your wedding and these photos will be your memories, our aim is to ensure that you feel and look like the best version of yourself.

We look to capture organic and candid moments of your wedding day to help tell your story and are influenced by art, colors, romance, and life. We are all about capturing the real story of your wedding day. Real reactions. Real events. We continue to educate ourselves and increase our knowledge to keep shooting with purpose. A true moment can’t be recreated.

Family Portraits - Allen Oba Studios

Family & Friends

We don’t leave this out. Your family and friends are witnesses on your special day and we ensure to include them. Cocktail hours, special ‘aww‘ moments are not left out. Reactions are included. Even the special little ones will be remembered! We want you to have the full story of the day.