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A Ghanaian & Nigerian Love Story at R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

November 27, 2020 By 9 Comments

Mixed culture, a color scheme that brightened the day, and air filled with romance were just a few things to remember from this wedding we shot at R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant. The reception took place at Beach United Church.

R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant infrastructure is one beauty architecturally and was named after the longtime commissioner of Toronto’s public works R. C. Harris. R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant is located in the east of the city at the eastern end of Queen Street and at the foot of Victoria Park Avenue along the shore of Lake Ontario in the Beaches neighborhood.

We have to confess – these two were absolutely amazing. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of their special day knowing full well that they trusted us with their wedding shots. We enjoyed shooting here!

How did they meet? – Through a mutual friend at a party. Several years later, their love was born and this was their special wedding day to share their love with friends and family.

We started off at their respective residential places where we took getting ready shots, proceeded to the ceremony, and headed out for some couple portraits afterward. If you want more from this shoot, we’ve shared some photos below.

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Getting ready Bride - Allen Oba Studios

Wedding Make up - Allen Oba Studios

Bridal Party - Allen Oba Studios

Groom Suite Fashion - Allen Oba Studios

Wedding grooms Men - Allen Oba Studios

Bridal Train - Allen Oba Studios

Oshawa Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Guelph Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Ontario Wedding Photographer

Ontario Wedding Photographer

Beach United Church - Allen Oba Studios

Photos at R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Kitchener Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant - Allen Oba Studios

Beach United Church - Allen Oba Studios

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