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What To Wear To Your Engagement Shoot

July 16, 2018 By 1 Comment

Engagement photos are one of the most romantic experiences leading up to the wedding and many brides spend time planning how to look their best in the pictures. These photos will most likely end up on the invitation cards/ save-the-date, on the signing books on the wedding day or displayed around in the reception and will also show up on the walls of your new house.

However, you don’t have to feel stressed.

We’ve lined up a few tips to help you make your engagement session less stressful. We love shooting engagement pictures and it’s one of the times we get to bond more with our couples before their big day. We’ve learned a lot over time shooting several couples and we are here to share those with you.

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1. Wear what you feel most comfortable in

Yes, comfort is key in any engagement shoot because you don’t want to keep feeling nervous in your own skin. If you feel comfortable wearing a dress, then go ahead! If not, wear something else – a skirt, a romper, pants, T-shirt, and jeans, etc! Don’t wear an outfit because other couples are wearing it on Instagram. Wear what you’ll regularly wear and feel delightful in. That’s what’s most important at the end of the day.

Toronto Nigerian Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

2. Complement each other but you don’t need to match outfits

While we encourage our couples to express themselves during the engagement shoot, if you don’t normally wear matching outfits, then you might not want to do that during the session. Most often than not, we’ve seen that couples like to have a theme, so complementing each others outfit seems more coordinated.

What does this mean? rather than wearing matching outfits or patterns, you might want to wear a touch of a similar color. Also, if you’re both the jeans kinda couple, then you might both wear jeans and different shirts. We like the matching jersey our couple was wearing below, the pants are not the same color and this is cool.

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

3. Don’t do more than two outfits

Generally, about two outfits are more than enough. Remember that this is an engagement shoot and not a fashion shoot. You don’t want to feel stressed changing into several outfits. Also, these pictures will always be a reminder of all the events that led up to the wedding, you want to enjoy the session and remember the experience years to come. Stick with two outfits to make the session memorable.Wedding Engagement Session - Allen Oba Studios

4. Take advantage of the location

This is a great tip by the way. Generally, we like to share location ideas with our couples and depending on what we both agree on we advise that you dress to soothe the location.

For instance, you can wear a free looking dress on the beach. Or if we’ll be shooting at an architectural building location, you could dress a bit formal. At the park, a green dress would blend into the grass and might not come out good. We love this photo below, our bride was wearing a yellow dress and red shoe, giving the photo a pop of color, yet complementing the groom!

Engagement -Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens - Allen Oba Studios

Other Tips For Your Engagement Shoot

  1. Go barefoot on the beach.
  2. Choose your outfit ahead of time so you feel less stressed on the day of the shoot.
  3. Mix up your outfit with seasonal accessories during Fall.
  4. Go with cool colors and neutral tones.
  5. Feel free to incorporate props like balloons, large letters/ alphabets, confetti, etc.
  6. Avoid trendy outfits as you might not like them in a few years to come. Go with a classic look instead.
  7. Dress up taking note of the season. Don’t wear a Summer outfit during Winter especially if you’ll love to take outdoor photos.

Engagement Party Shoot - Allen Oba Studios

Being engaged is an incredible period of your lives together so make sure you enjoy the shoot. Don’t try to be someone else. Interact with each other the way you normally do, our focus here at Allen Oba Studios is to capture the moment. As a matter of fact, we’ll love for you to look at each other, chat and laugh. We love it when our couples feel very much relaxed, that way we are able to share your story.

Engagement sessions can be creative but that shouldn’t be entirely on you! You can share with us your theme for the shoot and we’ll be happy to suggest a couple of ideas that will go a long way!

Are you planning your engagement shoot anytime soon? Let us know in the comment section and share what you’d like for us to discuss next.

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She is a long-time creative and great team member at the studios also shooting weddings and handling our customer experience.

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  1. Astora
    January 26, 2023 Reply

    It's very important to carefully select outfits that suit the couple and the location. We did it for our Scarborough engagement session, and the result was so good!

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