Wedding Photography: How We Help Our Clients Pick The Best Images

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When we are hired for wedding photography, we are thrilled to know that the client is confident in our work of art/ vision.

When delivering the finished version of the wedding photographs, we keep in mind that we have to respect our client’s time. Our plan is never to keep the client feeling overwhelmed with too many photos.

As much as we need to provide the best value and enough wedding photographs to last a lifetime, we also respect that you should get the best of the best. Quality over quantity!

Believe us, after spending time in this industry, we know the importance of time, making you happy and relaxed even after the wedding day. That explains why we have implemented a method that helps us choose the top photos of your wedding day!

Why are we sharing this information? We published this blog post because it’ll help you see how we think and learn more about our expertise. We want to believe that you are a prospective client, so why not wow you already?!

First off, we have to mention that our goal for shooting every wedding is to ensure that as much as we have a vision for your day, we are able to align it with yours. We know it’s your special day and want to work with you as a team.

So as expected, we’d usually set up a number of meetings with you (online or in-person) where we chat about ideas and what your vision is. That way, we are able to strike a balance which will help us take amazing wedding photographs on the wedding day.

keep reading to know our three top methods!

Wedding Photography - Allen Oba Studios

1. We make it a duty to prepare ahead of time

We can’t overemphasize how much we like to prepare. As much as Allen and I are very creative people, we still believe that planning is a key ingredient to the success of any wedding shoot.

So we do a lot of research— on the venue, close locations for prospective wedding portrait shots, lightening condition, and the right equipment to use for a specific type of photo.

Before the wedding, Allen and I still do more practice and of course, we take note of our client’s vision based on previous discussions we’ve had with them.

We find that this helps us with making sure we take the right shots and that way, we can provide you with beautiful shots (and some extra!).

2. The number of hours we spend at the wedding determines the end result

Through our experience, we’ve realized that the number of hours your wedding will take is a strong determinant of the number of photos we may have at the end of the day.

For example, if we will be shooting a 2-hour wedding, the client wouldn’t be expecting to receive 2,000 pictures. That will be absurd and overwhelming for them!

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Nigerian Brampton Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

3. We do a lot of sorting post-wedding day

We are artists and even though we strive for perfection, we understand that sometimes there might be a little error or objects in the image that distracts from the story we are telling with the photos.

Allen and I scrutinize the entire photos after the wedding day, do a lot of sorting and take out those unnecessary photos, and for those affected by extra objects, we use light post-processing to remove those objects and refocus the image on the story being told.

And basically, these are our top three methods on how we ensure that we provide you as much value as possible.

Now you might be wondering how many pictures you can expect to receive after your wedding day or how soon you can expect to receive your photos.

Check out our previous blog posts for such answers and reach out to us to discuss because as we explained earlier, the number of hours spent at your wedding plays a major determining factor in most cases.

To book an appointment with us, call/ text: +1 416 436 0401 or send an email to We can’t wait to hear from you. We shoot for clients in the Greater Toronto Area as well as destinations outside of Toronto.

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