Yewande & Yomi: Engagement Video at Royal Ontario Museum & Distillery District

June 4, 2018 By 0 Comments

We shot Yewande and Yomi’s engagement video at Royal Ontario Museum. While spending time with them, we could tell that they are a match made in heaven.

Excited to be a part of their engagement session in the heart of Toronto, we set out.

We handled the video end of the day working with Arambada Photography and will be shooting their Nigerian wedding video holding this year, June 30 2018 in Toronto. We certainly can’t wait to show up to do what we love to do the most!

Our Wedding/ Engagement Video Style

So what’s our style of wedding or engagement videos? We always want to tell stories. This video was shot in December 2017 during winter and we wanted to show that come rain or sunshine, cold or warmth, Yomi and Wande will be together forever.

We are a couple photography studio and certainly believe in love. So when we set out to create art for our clients we want to depict what they see in each other.

We started out at Royal Ontario Museum where we captured a few shots showing how much they appreciate art (in this case, the artifacts). They also wanted to stop over at the Toronto Christmas Market held at Distillery District. So we all packed up and went over there after spending some time at Royal Ontario Museum.

It was indeed a romantic time spent with this couple. Even in the middle of a very cold evening, they wanted to hold hands and enjoy the moment.

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