Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before The Big Day

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Our lead wedding photographer is one of the bests you can find here in Toronto. As a team, we are even better! And we intend to prove that to you at any point in time!

Why you ask? Our job isn’t complete without you being thoroughly satisfied. It goes far beyond the photographs here at Allen Oba Studios, we want to see that our clients are happy and we get those positive reviews from time to time.

So before you go ahead to chose a wedding photographer for your big day. We thought it will be a great time to share with you 5 top questions to ask your proposed wedding photographer, that way you know how to go about making your final decision.

In this article, even though we’ll be sharing top questions to inquire, we’ll also be sharing our process here at Allen Oba Studios. We hope that you’ll be willing to book us for your wedding.

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1. What is included in your standard price/ package? Are there extra fees?

Budgeting is really important for every wedding because you really want to maximize the resources available to you. Also, you don’t want to go home with your newly wedded spouse, completely broke! So discuss this with your wedding photographer.

This is a good question to ask so that you know if it fits your budget or not and know how to move forward. Also, discuss the payment plan or method.

Here at Allen Oba Studios, we are conscious of our pricing and consider many factors like the total number of guests, hours of service, urgency/ time of booking (i.e are you booking us a day to the wedding day?), while also taking note of your budget.

We offer an A la carte menu which allows you to select what services you’ll like included. Will there be an engagement session booked with us? Are you interested in having us shoot both the ceremony and reception or just one of the events? Do you want to have an album?

Pro tip: If you book an engagement session with us, we’ll give you a discount for the wedding photography.

This and many more factors determines the pricing and so we advise that you reach out to us ASAP. We’ll speak with you, get a better understanding of your needs and give you a quote that aligns with your budget.

At our studios, we offer payment plans and you can get more than one photographer or a photographer and assistant depending o your budget and size of guests.

2. What happens if you can’t make it to my wedding?

This is another question to ask your proposed wedding photographer. It is impossible to predict the future as unforeseen things can happen. So make sure you are aware of what happens in the event your photographer is unable to make it to the wedding.

At Allen Oba Studios, we have a team of more than one photographer, so it is very unlikely that we wouldn’t be able to show up on the day.

However, this clause is usually included in our wedding contract which will be signed by both parties. We’ll always be in communication with you at different stages before your wedding day.

3. Do you have any other events booked on my wedding day?

This is of utmost importance because you don’t want your photographer to be engaged on your wedding day.

We’ll never take another assignment which conflicts with your wedding celebrations.

This is why we encourage our wedding clients to make their decision early enough, we won’t book/ schedule a date which has not been paid for in part. We will require a certain percentage of the wedding fees before we proceed to book a date.

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4. What level of editing will you apply on my photographs?

This question should be asked because everyone is unique and has a specific taste. Photographers do some level of editings like correcting shadows,  highlights, colors, and exposure.

At Allen Oba Studios, we make minimal alterations to our photos to document and tell the story of your day.

We believe that some imperfections, distinguishing marks or shape you have, makes you unique (eg. moles, scars, freckles, etc.). This shouldn’t be confused with blemishes or acne.

However, please feel free to discuss this with us and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request. Kindly review our gallery to have a good grasp of our style of photography.

5. How soon should I expect to receive my pictures?

This is really important so that you are on the same page with the wedding photographer. It is typically written in the wedding contract to be signed by both parties.

Expect to receive ten (10) pictures from us the day after your wedding to be shared with friends and family. The remaining photos (which usually turns out in hundreds, depending on the duration of the wedding, events, etc.) will be sent within 6-8 weeks after the wedding day.

We send you ten (10) pictures initially because we understand that you want to share your day with friends and family, on social media, etc. However, please understand that editing these pictures take some time and so you can expect to receive the rest afterward.

If for any reason, you will like to receive your wedding pictures ASAP, you can communicate this with us and we’ll be happy to meet your demands for a small fee.

We also offer online access to your photos which is downloadable and you can equally have it in a customized flash drive or album delivered to you. Contact us right away and let’s discuss!

We hope you found these tips/ questions helpful in preparing for your big day?

To book an appointment with us, call/ text: +1 416 436 0401 or send an email:  and we’ll be in touch with you right away. We can’t wait to capture your wedding day!

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