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7 Things To Discuss With Your Toronto Wedding Photographer

May 2, 2018 By 1 Comment

If you’ll be booking a Toronto wedding photographer, your wedding photographs are one those precious things you’ll forever cherish.

Here at Allen Oba Studios, we totally value what your memories hold. This is why we always ensure to hold at least three meetings with our wedding photography clients prior to their big day.

One meeting is held over the phone, and two other meetings are held in person which is usually at an agreed coffee shop!

Every couple meets in a different way and has a unique story to share with their friends and families. We totally respect this and love to help our clients tell that story. We understand that every client has likes, dislikes, and certain styles of photography that align with their personal interests.

For this, we recommend that you go through our portfolio on this website and on our social media accounts, particularly Instagram to see if our style of photography matches your vision.

While we don’t want to lose you as a potential client, we also want to provide the best value and meet your expectations so this is very important.

Once this stage is complete and discussions with your proposed photographer begin we recommend that certain things should be discussed. In this article, we’ll be highlighting top discussions to have with your wedding photographer.

Brampton Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

The first dance!

1. Your Timeline/ Schedule for the Day

This is particularly of importance so that the photographer knows how to go about taking care of pictures on the day. This will also help the photographer know the right time to arrive and leave.

At Oba Allen Studios, we are really particular about timing, it helps us know what photo to plan/ take after one or the other and so we always recommend that our wedding clients send us a copy of the schedule well ahead of time.

We don’t want to rush or stress you on your wedding day because planning a wedding is so much work already! Therefore, please share your timetable for the day so that nothing is lost and your memories are well captured to be treasured forever.

2. What Kind of Photos you Want

Many people view their wedding ceremony as a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if this is the case, you most likely have an imagination of the type of photographs you want from the day.

This should be communicated with the photographer ahead of time so that he/she is well prepared to make your dreams come true.

Do you want a particular member of the family to be taken? Do you want an angle of your face to be concentrated on? This is what some people call their ‘finer side’. Do you want souvenirs to be taken as it’s top priority? Also, share what things you DIY-ed so that your photographer can take photos of it.

All these and more should be discussed because your photographer isn’t a mind reader. However, once you’ve had such discussions, trust your photographer to be able to do the job and spend time enjoying your big day when the time comes.

Missisauga Wedding Photographer - Allen Oba Studios

The groom and bride

3. The Wedding Venue and Lightening

A wedding venue is key to your Toronto wedding photographer. At our studios, we will prefer to have a view of the wedding venue. However, if this isn’t possible due to several circumstances, we advise that you share with us how the venue looks and the lightning. Is it dark, bright, a little bright or not?

This will help the Toronto wedding photographer plan extensively on alternative lightening measures for your special day as this will reflect on the pictures. Also, discussing the venue ahead of time will help plan a good place to take private photos of the bride and groom.

There are a lot of beautiful sites here in Toronto to explore via photography for your big day, feel free to share your idea with us!

4. What the Photographer should know about your Family or Guests

Share with the photographer any important information about your family and guests, like who needs special considerations on the wedding day. Or who should be included in family pictures, or should be photographed separately, etc.

Also let your photographer know of any family drama, if applicable. It will help the photographer know the best way to act accordingly.

5. Any Alterations you would Want

At Allen Oba Studios, we make minimal alterations to our photos to tell the story of your wedding day and union and to document it as much as possible.

We believe that some imperfections, distinguishing marks or shape you have, makes you unique (eg. moles, scars, freckles, etc.). This shouldn’t be confused with blemishes or acne.

However, please feel free to discuss this with us and we’ll try our best to accommodate your request. Again, look through our gallery to have a good grasp of our style of photography.

6. Discuss a Contact person for the day

Your wedding day is a special day for you and we wouldn’t want to bother you. We will love for you to enjoy your day stressfree with your designated Toronto wedding photographer.

This is why it’s important for you to communicate with your photographer ahead of time a contact person for the day should we have any questions. This may be your family members (cousin) or your wedding planner.

7. What you don’t want

It will be a good idea to discuss what you wouldn’t want to see in your wedding photographs. It’s best to lay this out so that your photographer is aware of what you most desire because, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and your choice!

Were these tips helpful and do you feel prepared for your wedding day photographs?

To book an appointment with us, call/ text: +1 416 436 0401 or send an email:  We can’t wait to capture your wedding!

All images are copyright of Allen Oba Studios. Do not use images without explicit/ written permission.

About the Author

Zinny: is the lead copywriter for AOB Studios. With several years of creative writing experience, she contributes articles that help our clients prepare ahead for any photoshoot!

She is a long-time creative and great team member at the studios also shooting weddings and handling our customer experience.

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  1. Astora Studio
    January 26, 2023 Reply

    It is also very important to discuss the locations, where the photoshoot (I mean a couple shoot during the wedding day) will take place. If a couple hired a real professional, they will recommend a lot of hidden jems for this type of photoshoot.

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